We offer a no fee service when we come to you onsite and check your first aid kit supplies to
ensure you have all that you need according to the Worksafe, Health and Safety
guidelines. We only charge for what we supply.

We can remove all damaged, soiled or expired stock from the site, and replace with new stock to
ensure you have all you need in case of an emergency or slight mishap. This can be a huge
relief for nominated Health and Safety Officers within the workplace, as we are aware of the
requirements, we deal with them often and can complete this duty quickly and efficiently.

Our visits can be as little or as often as your company wishes, with the most common visit
times being either 3, 6 or 12 monthly intervals depending on the industry and the number of staff.

Suggested minimum contents for a workplace first aid kit

Here is a list of recommended contents for first aid kits for workplaces with no

    • A manual giving general guidance on first aid
    • Individually wrapped moist wipes or saline solution
    • 20 individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings (assorted sizes), appropriate to the
      type of work (dressings may be of a detectable type for the food industry)
    • Two sterile eye pads
    • Two individually wrapped triangular bandages (sterile)
    • Two stretch bandages
    • Six medium sized individually wrapped unmedicated wound dressing –
      approximately 12cm x 12 cm
    • Two large sterile individually wrapped unmedicated wound dressing – approximately 18cm x 18cm
    • Six pairs of disposable gloves
    • One resuscitation mask

This is a suggested contents list only, you may want to use equivalent but different items.

When you do your Needs Assessment you may identify a need for additional items. This could include, for example:

      • Scissors
      • Adhesive strips or band_aids for minor wound dressing
      • Non-allergic adhesive tape
      • Disposable aprons
      • Forceps or tweezers to remove foreign bodies
      • Plastic bags for waste disposal
      • Hand sanitiser
      • Splinter probes
      • Eye wash
      • Instant Ice pack

Ideally, all first aid items are stored inside the first aid kit. But if necessary they may be stored separately if they are available for use as required.